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Plot Summary of "Rain Man"

❶Browse all BookRags Study Guides. The loud repetitive noise frightens Raymond and he attempts to escape.

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Often in life the greatest thing you have is that which you have yet to even know existed. At first Charlie sees Raymond as an obstacle to inheriting his father's fortune but with time learns to love Raymond his mentally challenged savant brother. Charlie has run into financial difficulties and is about to lose his exotic car dealership.

As he attempts to claim his inheritance he discovers for the first time that he has a brother. At first this greatly alarms him. But he ultimately decides to take his brother Raymond on a great adventure. Raymond has many exotic skills. He can count toothpicks as they hit the ground and can even count cards in Poker. This skills enable Charlie Babbage to rake in the cash in Las Vegas. Raymond has many quirks that seem to drive Charlie absolutely mad. Jeporady has to be watched every day no matter what it seems.

Charlie takes Raymond off the institution grounds without permission with hopes to use him a leverage to get his half of the money.

Charlie and his brother embark on a road trip that not only exposes Charlie to a world he never knew, but to the many unresolved issues within him. Although he does observes that he is good at memorization and quite smart, Raymond lacks the understanding of social formalities. Charlie had been two years old when his Father had sent Raymond away because he thought he had hurt baby Charlie with a hot bath resulting in a burn. While getting closer to his brother and learning a little more patience for him, Charlie takes Raymond to Vegas.

In Vegas, Charlie uses Raymond to impressively counts cards and wins the money he needs to save his business and cover the hotel fees. The two brothers share an intimate moment and dance together. As the movie comes to an end, Charlie has focused on someone other than himself. He has found compassion in his heart and no longer wants his share of the money, but to stay with his brother.

Upon returning to Los Angeles Charlie set up a custody hearing to see who will keep his brother. Although he has made a real connection to Raymond over the past couple of days, Charlie returns his brother to Dr. Bruner, seeing that that is what is best for him. He then promises Raymond that he will see him in two weeks as he boards the train back to Wallbrook.

After watching Rain Man there were several different psychological issues that were present. One of the first and most apparent issues present was one of the main characters, Charlie Babbitt who has relationship and family issues.

Charlie had no personal attachments to anyone and he had resentment towards his father. Charlie also had a hard time with emotional expression.

Charlie does the same with his own personal relationships. The next issues are Raymond Babbitt, an Autistic Savant.

Raymond has memory issues, emotional issues, and psychodynamic consciousness id issues. Raymond has extraordinary memory. He is able to recall information after just learning it once.

Raymond can do complex math problems in a matter of seconds. Raymond can barely understand emotional expressions in a traditional sense. Raymond is stuck in what Freud called the Id.

This pertains to Raymond because he wants his needs satisfied immediately if not he has a tantrum. One example is Raymond had to have his schedule exactly the same as Wallbrook.

Same foods on the same days, same shows at the same times, same clothes, bed near the window, and many more. The film Rain Man depicted the issues quite well.

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Rain Man starts off with a pompous self-centered business man named Charlie Babbitt. Charlie is in deep water trying to save his business when he receives a phone call alerting him that his father has passed away. He returns to his hometown Cincinnati for the funeral with his business associate/lover Susanna. Charlie tells Susanna that [ ].

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Rain Man In the movie “Rain Man” Directed by, Barry Levinson, Charlie Babbitt played by Tom Cruise, is a Los Angeles car dealer in the business of importing high end luxury cars to California. His current deal of bringing in four Lamborghinis is being threatened by the EPA for emissions. Free Essay: The Rain Man The Rain Man stars Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. The movie was made in The movie is about an autistic man named Raymon, who.

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